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Cleveland Police Mounted Unit Troop A photographed in August of 1933. Three months earlier they had taken First Place in the Chicago Century of Progress competition with 11,000 men and horses from all parts of the world.

(photograph published in the Cleveland Press Memories of a Lifetime)
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1 week ago

Cleveland Police Museum

Fifty-four years ago, on September 15, 1964, the Beatles came to Cleveland. They performed on a Monday night at Public Hall. It turned out to be the first time that one of their concerts was temporarily stopped.

Shortly after the concert began, the crowd of around 11,000 plus rushed the stage, challenging the cordon of Cleveland Police Officers. Inspectors Carl Barr and Michael “Iron Mike” Blackwell stopped the performance. Sergeant Edwin Nagorski told the crowd that they could yell all they wanted but they would have to sit down if they wanted the concert to continue. Amazingly, most of the crown sat down and began chanting “Don’t stand up! Don’t stand up!” With that the concert was allowed to go on.

Pictured are two of the Cleveland’ Finest performing security after the concert was allowed to continue. They are Patrolmen Ralph C. Tescar, Badge Number 463, appointed 01/02/1962 and retired on 10/05/1984 and Richard M. Barberic, Badge Number 18, appointed 09/01/1964 and retired as a Lieutenant on 04/16/1990, End of Watch 05/03/2016.
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2 weeks ago

Cleveland Police Museum

And the competition continues.........

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The Cleveland Police Patch, designed in 1952, is a familiar symbol in our community. It designates the wearer as a person who has the authority to maintain law and order. Encircled in the center of this symbol is another symbol – the flag of the City of Cleveland. In the middle of the flag is an emblem carrying the founding date of Cleveland which was 1796. It also has illustrations indicating our major industries, those of steel making, transportation, and heavy industry. Thus “Cleveland’s Finest” are linked with the atmosphere of the city they serve. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Cleveland Police Historical Society and Museum exists to collect and preserve police history and to use its collection and programs to educate the public and foster mutual understanding and respect between law enforcement and the public.

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Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am – 2 pm.
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