Tom Armelli

Tom Armelli, Detective CPD, Ret.

Tom is a recently retired Cleveland Police Homicide Detective. He was a member of the Cleveland Police Department for 35 years and has been a police officer for over 40 years.

Tom has been involved with the Cleveland Police Historical Society since its inception in 1983. There was a time when he had touched and had custody of every piece in our collection. Over the years Tom has held every position and worked at every job in the museum. He is currently serving as the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees.

Tom’s goal as treasurer is to position the museum to be able to move to a new location, a space that is big enough to accommodate larger, more modern exhibits that incorporate the latest hands on and interactive technology. Tom believes the Police Museum has the potential to be a real catalyst for police and community interaction and good police/community relations.Under Tom’s direction the Police Museum continues to strive to meet and conform with accepted standards and best practices of an accredited museum.

Tom also established The International Association of Police Museums, a group of over 50 police related museums located in the United States and Canada that meet annually to share ideas and attend training seminars. The group also includes members from the new National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington D.C.

Pat 3

Pat Reynolds, Detective Sergeant CPD, Ret.


Pat served as a member of the Cleveland Police Department for 23 years, retiring as a Detective Sergeant in charge of the Repeat Offenders Unit and Hostage Negotiation. He served in various units over the years, including patrol, crime scene investigations, explosive disposal and forensic laboratory.

After retiring from the Cleveland Police, Pat worked as the Director of Corporate Security and Safety for Forest City Enterprises. He is a Vietnam-era veteran, serving in the US Army. Pat belongs to a number of professional and social organizations, including the May Dugan Center Board of Trustees, the Retired Irish Police and the Ancient Order of Hebernians.

Pat has been involved with the Cleveland Police Historical Society for many years. He gives guided tours of the museum to special guests, groups and the general public, serves as a liaison with CPD headquarters and the County Courts, and conducts necessary research into the history of the department and its members.

Rebecca McFarland

Rebecca McFarland

First Vice President

Becky is internationally recognized as an expert on the life and times of Eliot Ness. Her research has been requested for magazines, books, radio, and television specials. “A&E Biography” and the “History Channel” featured her on their programs with regard to Cleveland crime in the 1930s. People Magazine as well as International Press came to cover the funeral of Eliot Ness that she helped to coordinate in 1997.

She is a fourth generation Clevelander who enjoys researching and sharing a variety of topics on Cleveland’s history. She serves on several committees impacting Cleveland as representative to the Northeast Ohio Inter-Museum Council, the Ohio Library Council and the Cleveland Police Historical Society and Museum.

She continues to research Cleveland’s history and to provide informative programs to area clubs and organizations. She is employed doing independent marketing and web site consulting.

shelley patena

Shelley Patena, Detective CPD

Shelley J. Patena is a career Detective with the Cleveland Police Department, appointed in 1989. She follows her father’s footsteps in law enforcement. She is a descendant of Chief Frederick Kohler, appointed in 1889 - he is her Great Great Uncle. She values the evolution and preservation of policing history and is honored to serve the board.


James Jessen Badal, Ph.D.

Bill Bartosch

Tony Colon, CPD Ret.

Robin Hryckowian

Cmd. Brandon Kutz, CPD

Thomas G. Matowitz, Jr.

Mark Wade Stone

James Traynor, CPD Ret.


Vehicles Committee

Tony Colon, Chair

Dale LaRue, OSHP Sergeant Ret.

Phil Rozzi, Court Security

James Traynor, CPD Ret.

Past Presidents

2020 -

Pat Reynolds, Sergeant, Ret


Tony Colon, CPD, Ret.


Tom Armelli, Detective, Ret.

Larry Rutherford, Comm. Ret.

Robert J. Cermak, Cmder. Ret.

Patrick Stephens, District 3 Commander

Martin Flask

Michael J. Cummings, Sergt. Ret.

Robert L. Bolton, Cmdr. Ret., Founder

Museum Staff

Executive Director

Mazie Adams

Cop Shop Manager
Geri Diemert


City of Cleveland Officials

Frank Jackson

Dept. of Public Safety
Karrie Howard, Director

Assistant Directors

Timothy Hennessy
Laura Palinkas
George Coulter


Division of Police

Calvin Williams

Traffic Commissioner
James Muhic

Deputy Chiefs
Dornat Drummond, Field Operations
Joellen O'Neill, Headquarters
Deon McCaulley, Administrative Operations
Harold Pretel, Homeland Special Operations

Police Commanders

Daniel Fay, District 1

Thomas Stacho, District 2

Dorothy Todd, District 3

Brandon Kutz, District 4

Sammy Morris, District 5

Debra Brumfield, Bureau of Communications & Property Control

Johnny Johnson, Bureau of Community Relations

Reinhold Kauntz, Bureau of Homeland Services

Brian Carney, Bureau of Compliance

Michael Connelly, Bureau of Special Investigation

Gary Gingell, Bureau of Special Services

Deirdre Jones, Bureau of Support Services