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Women in the CPD

By CPHS / 08 March 2024

Women have a long and honorable history of service in the Cleveland Police Department. That service began in 1893 when the Chief Henry Hoehn established the Police Matron’s Service. The…

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The First Mr. Jingeling

By CPHS / 29 November 2023

Did you know that the very first Mr. Jingeling was a Cleveland Police Officer? Seems that back in the day, many of the department stores in downtown Cleveland used Police…

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Harry Houdini Amazes the Cleveland Police

By CPHS / 15 October 2023

Famous escape artist and illusionist Harry Houdini toured throughout the country during the early 1900s. Frequently billed as the Handcuff King, he was best known for escaping from manacles, handcuffs…

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Traffic Unit: The Corner Men, Part 9

By CPHS / 24 August 2023

In 1921 the Cleveland Plain Dealer introduced to their readers the Cleveland Police Officers assigned the difficult task of directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the city each day.  They…

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Early Electric Traffic Signals in Cleveland

By CPHS / 10 August 2023

Cleveland in the early 1900s was an exciting, thriving, growing and potentially dangerous place. The streets were full of pedestrians, horses, wagons, streetcars and automobiles, which caused traffic jams and…

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