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National Police Week

By CPHS / 17 May 2021

Police officers and the community they served have honored fallen officers since the earliest days of official police departments in the United States but it wasn’t until 1962 that a…

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Cleveland Police Training: 1914-1954

By CPHS / 10 May 2021

The first official Cleveland Police training school was established in 1914 by Safety Director Alfred A. Benesch.  Dubbed Benesch University by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Director described the school:…

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Eliot Ness

Where did Eliot Ness Live in Cleveland?

By CPHS / 03 May 2021

Did Eliot Ness live here? This question comes up time and again when people talk about Cleveland’s favorite lawman. Recently, Cleveland Police Museum staff examined primary sources, including city directories,…

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Traffic Unit: The Corner Men, Part 1

By CPHS / 27 April 2021

In 1921 the Cleveland Plain Dealer introduced to their readers the Cleveland Police Officers assigned the difficult task of directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the city each day.  They…

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1918 Influenza Epidemic in Cleveland

By CPHS / 10 March 2021

After voluntary closures and suggested social isolation proved unsuccessful in keeping the case numbers down, the city and county mandated closures and quarantines.  Calling the pandemic “the most serious menace…

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Women in the CPD

By CPHS / 08 March 2021

Women have a long and honorable history of service in the Cleveland Police Department. That service began in 1893 when the Chief Henry Hoehn established the Police Matron’s Service. The…

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