19th Century Policing


  • 1865

    City Marshal Jacob W. Schmitt serves from 1865-1866

  • 1866

    Samuel Furnal was first acting Superintendent of Police

  • 1867

    Dr. John Dickinson appointed first police surgeon

  • 1869

    Man-hour shifts were ten hours long

  • 1870

    Forerunner of the Call Box was used

  • 1873

    Detective force consisted of four men

  • 1881

    William Manuel Tucker is the first black officer appointed to CPD

  • 1886

    Mayor George W. Gardner started competitive exams for police force applicants. Established the Civil Service in the city

  • 1893

    Women became an integral part of police force known as the matron Service. Mrs. Harriet Garfield and Mrs. Emma Essinger were the first Police Matrons

  • 1897

    Identification Bureau was established using the Bertillion system of identification. Criminals were photographed and measured

  • 1900

    Murphy Call Box designed. Was a combined compact telephone and telegraph system

  • 1902

    The State Legislature established a uniform municipal code for all cities and towns in Ohio and created the Juvenile Court