Death Masks

Torso Murder Victim Portraits in Plaster

Probably the most infamous murder case in Cleveland history, The Kingsbury Run Murders began in September of 1935 and continued for three years. In August of 1938 the killing spree abruptly ended with the case unsolved and seven men and five woman dead.

Because the bodies were dismembered, the suspect earned the name of "the Torso Murderer". Many of the victims were unidentified, most likely homeless or transient.

In an effort to find some connection to the murderer, plaster casts of several of the victims were made, (some with actual hair from the victims) and placed on display for public viewing.

Thousands of people viewed these death masks, yet most remain unidentified to this day. These "Death Masks" are still on display in the Cleveland Police Museum. It remains one of the largest police investigations in Cleveland's history.

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