Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman Albert Block, #39

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch.

Patrolman Albert Block, #39, EOW 2/11/1921

On November 11, 1912, Albert H. Block was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department.

One cold February night, Patrolman Block and Patrolman Callan, both of the vice squad were investigating a gambling in progress complaint at a club on E. 6th and St. Clair.

Officer Callan entered the premises while Officer Block climbed a ladder to look through a second story, newspaper covered window at the front of the building. When a search was completed, no law were violations found.

Officer Callan came out of the building and found his partner, Officer Block, lying at the foot of the ladder in a pool of blood with a severe head injury. It was unknown if officer Block fell or was pushed 10 feet to the sidewalk.

Officer Block was taken to Lakeside Hospital, where he died the next morning. Cause of death was a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. The Cleveland News reported the rungs on the ladder had been ice-coated that night. No proof was ever obtained sufficient to warrant a charge of homicide.

Patrolman Block was survived by his wife Mary and his daughter Gertrude. Patrolman Block was laid to rest on Thursday, February 15, 1921 at the Harvard Grove Cemetery.

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