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Heroes Roll Call: Detective Harold E. Beingesser, #445

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversary their End of Watch.

Harold Beingesser was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on April 1, 1931 and was assigned to the 13th Precinct. On June 14, 1934, Beingesser was transferred to the detective bureau.

Detective Harold E. Beingesser, #445
EOW July 29, 1935

July 7, 1934 Plain Dealer

Detectives Harold Beingesser and Harry McCue were assigned to bring back Clarence Henderson, a former water department employee wanted for embezzling $1500 from the city. The two detectives tracked Henderson to a sugar beet farm in Wood County near Toledo. They obtained assistance from Chief Galliher of Bowling Green and Marshal Tatham and his deputy. The men arrived at the farm and found Henderson sleeping in a shack. When they woke him, he and his friends fought with the officers but were eventually taken into custody. On the way back to Cleveland, Beingesser drove while McCue rode in the back with Henderson. They were traveling on State Route 18 when they failed to stop before entering State Route 25. Their vehicle was struck by another vehicle traveling southbound on Route 25.

Five people died in the accident, Detectives Beingesser and McCue, the prisoner Henderson, and two passengers from the second vehicle. Harold Beingesser was survived by his wife Ruth and their two-year-old daughter Jean.  Services were held at Charles W. Thomas Funeral Home 12512 Miles Ave.

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