Heroes Roll Call: Detective John S. Buettner, #20

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversary of their End of Watch.

John Buettner was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on November 1, 1913 and became a detective on June 1, 1924. He lived at 6000 Grayton Road in Brook Park, Ohio, with his wife, Adelaide and two children, Adelaide and Gerard.

On August 6, 1932, Detective John Buettner and his partner Detective Herbert Wachsman, spotted two men suspected of robbing Goodman’s Fruit Store. Wachsman stopped the car and Buettner stepped out, calling “Wait a minute” to the suspect. Buettner was no more than six feet away when the suspect shot him point blank.

Detective Buettner groaned “He got me in the stomach, Herb,” as he slumped to the sidewalk. The gunman fled toward Superior Avenue. Wachsman, with revolver drawn, jumped over his partner and pursued the shooter. Wachsman soon returned to transport Buettner to Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Newspaper clipping about Detective John Buettner, #20, EOW August 9, 1932

Buettner’s Personnel Card

Buettner was in serious condition at Mt. Sinai Hospital with his wife Adelaide and two children at his side. He remained in serious condition for the next three days until August 9, 1932, when he succumbed to his injuries. Services were held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church at Rocky River Drive and Puritas Springs Road.

Adelaide Buettner
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