Honor Our Fallen

The Cleveland Police Museum in honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch. These officers made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving the City of Cleveland. Learn their stories at www.clevelandpolicemuseum.org/heroes

Watchman John Osborne
EOW 12/1/1853
Patrolman Louis Weik, #330
EOW 12/10/1903
Patrolman Albert G. Miller, #538
EOW 12/3/1913

Sergeant William C. Isaac, #137
EOW 12/1/1919
Patrolman Robert Shelton, #379
EOW 12/7/1919
Patrolman Otto Mosholder, #144
EOW 12/10/1936

Patrolman Virgil T. Bayne, #896
EOW 12/18/1937
Patrolman Gerald N. Bode, #782
EOW 12/18/1937
Patrolman Forney L. Haas, #445
EOW 12/8/1952

Lieutenant Edward G. Lentz, #14
EOW 12/9/1957
Patrolman Arthur W. Guenther, #46
EOW 12/19/1961
Patrolman Chester R. Burmeister, #1281
EOW 12/23/1964

Captain Jerome C. Poelking, #28
EOW 12/8/1975
Patrol Officer Edward H. Claybrooks, Jr., #248
EOW 12/27/1996
Patrol Officer Hilary Cudnik, #1939
EOW 12/30/1996
Patrol Officer Shane H. Bartek, #18
EOW 12/31/2021

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