Heroes Roll Call: Our July Heroes

The Cleveland Police Museum in honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch. These officers made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving the City of Cleveland. Learn their stories at www.clevelandpolicemuseum.org/heroes

Detective Harold E. Beingesser, #445 EOW 7/29/1935
Detective Harry D. McCue, #431 EOW 7/29/1935
Patrolman Robert Wehagen, #969 EOW 7/8/1938

Patrolman Louis Mlakar, #430 EOW 7/20/1938
Patrolman Louis E. Golonka, #1831 EOW 7/23/1968

Lieutenant Leroy C. Jones, #1376 EOW 7/23/1968
Patrolman Willard J. Wolff, #1740 EOW 7/23/1968

Patrolman Edward W. Murray, #507
EOW 7/3/1975
Patrol Officer Desmond J. Sherry, #410
EOW 7/3/1980

Detective Robert J. Clark, #545
EOW 7/1/1998
Patrol Officer Vu X Nguyen, #1534
EOW 7/6/2018
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