Heroes Roll Call: Our May Heroes

The Cleveland Police Museum in honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch. These officers made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving the City of Cleveland. Learn their stories at www.clevelandpolicemuseum.org/heroes

Patrolman James Goodwin, #1104 EOW 5/4/1942
Patrolman John Shipp, #178 EOW 5/6/1900
Sergeant Charles H. Goetz, #97 EOW 5/6/1916

Patrolman Roy Nightwine, #1039 EOW 5/11/1924
Patrolman Steve J. Huber, #1917 EOW 5/11/1967
Patrolman Eugene D. Stinchcomb, #970 EOW 5/12/1952

Patrolman Dennis Griffin, #843 EOW 5/14/1923
Patrolman William A. Nagy, #1625 EOW 5/14/1971
Patrolman Michael J. Kick, #42 EOW 5/15/1875

Patrolman Joseph J. Haydu, #1576 EOW 5/19/1956
Patrolman Phillip P. Maher, #988 EOW 5/29/1975
Patrolman Raymond H. Griffin, #515 EOW 5/30/1938
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