Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman Anthony Wieczorek, #1089

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored the tell the stories of Cleveland’s fallen officers on the anniversary of their end of watch.

On December 24, 1923 Anthony Wieczorek was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department and served in the Roaring Third, Traffic Duty, and in the Sixth District. In 1928, Police sought Paul Jaworski, a bandit and killer-at-large. Jaworski admitted to killing at least twenty-six or more people.

Patrolman Anthony Wieczorek, #1089, EOW 9/13/1928

On September 13, 1928, A man recognizing Jaworski called the East 55th-Broadway Precinct advising Jaworski was in the restaurant at 518 Fleet Avenue. Five patrolmen were dispatched and approached the restaurant with holstered guns as they did not want to incite a shooting match where innocent bystanders might get hurt. Jaworski opened fire, shooting Patrolmen Wieczorek and Effinger as well as innocent bystanders at close range. Police returned fire, hitting Jaworski as he managed to escape. The killer was later arrested in a house on Chambers Avenue.

Wieczorek sustained 4 gunshot wounds and died after arriving at St. Alexis Hospital.  He was survived by his wife Sophia and one child.  Services were held at St. Stanislaus Church and he was laid to rest at Calvary Cemetery.

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