Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman August Dyke, #738

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch.

Patrolman August Dyke, #738, EOW 3/24/1921

August Dyke was appointed to the position of Patrol Officer on February 15, 1917 and was reputed to be one of the “best shots” in the department.

On February 20, 1921, while walking in the neighborhood, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jennings came upon a “robbery in progress” where three gunmen were bent over a male, stripping him of his personal possessions. The men noticed Mr. and Mrs. Jennings and proceeded to rob them as well. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings found Patrolmen Ball and Dyke who set off in different directions to find the robbers.

While Dyke was apprehending the suspects, one turned and fired a shot at him, hitting Dyke in his chest. The patrolman proceeded to follow them, exchanging gunfire. One of the suspects was hit at this time, and Dyke went down simultaneously. The suspects managed to escape in an unknown direction.


Plain Dealer, 3/1/1921
Death Certificate

Ptl. Dyke was rushed to Glenville Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition from a gunshot wound to the chest, with the bullet penetrating one lung. A city-wide search for the suspects then ensued and the shooter, Charles Habig, was found hiding in a local pool room.

Patrolman Dyke died from the effects of his wounds on March 24, 1921. He left behind his wife Elsie and three children.

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