Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman Frank J. Koran, # 360

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversary of their End of Watch.

Patrolman Frank J. Koran, #360, EOW 11/26/1921

Frank J. Koran joined the Cleveland Police Department on September 28, 1903, assigned to the Third District. On Friday, November 25, 1921, at midnight, while on foot patrol at E. 40th Street and Quincy Avenue, Patrolman Frank J. Koran and his partner witnessed three subjects robbing two citizens. As officers approached, the suspects fled on foot. Officers chased the suspects into a nearby yard with Koran entering the front while his partner circled around to the back.

While searching for the suspects, Koran was ambushed and gun fire was exchanged. Koran was shot eight times and died almost instantly. The suspects were gone by the time Koran’s partner or backup could arrive.

Officer Koran was survived by his wife, Rose, and children Robert, Pauline and Eleanore. Funeral services were held at the Koran residence on Morton Avenue and he was placed to rest at the Woodland Cemetery.

Twenty six years later, William Malloy confessed to the murder in order to “get right with the Lord.”  After the killing, Malloy ran off to Missouri, where he lived under the alias of Henry Johnson until his confession in May, 1947.

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