Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman James F. Goggin, #862

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversary of their End of Watch.

Patrolman James F. Goggin, #862, EOW 1/13/1939

Patrolman James Goggin joined the Cleveland Police Department in 1920 and several years he was assigned to the Eleventh Precinct at East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue as a scout car driver.

Officer Goggin and his partner Nick Sennish responded a radio dispatch call regarding trouble at 71st Street and Central.  Since dispatch could not give an exact alarm location, Sennish checked one store while Goggin entered the Sach Store.  Goggin interrupted a burglary in progress with multiple suspects. 

One of the men started shooting, striking Goggin in the stomach and left side. As Goggin fell to the aisle floor, the male ran to an exit. Goggin was able to shoot at a second male as he ran past. The male got as far as the street and fell dead at the curb. Two others escaped.

Cleveland Press 1/14/2019

Officer Sennish responded to the shooting and found the fallen robber and then Goggin. He called to him but Goggin did not answer. Sennish returned to the zone car and called for an ambulance.  Both robbers were later apprehended. Goggin left behind his wife Ann and four children, James, Jr., Mary, Nancy, and John. Officer Goggin was buried in Calvary Cemetery following a Mass of Requiem at St. Cecilia’s Church.

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