Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman James H. Stedman, #119

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch.

Patrolman James H. Stedman, #119, 1/25/1905

Patrolman James H. Stedman was appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on July 1, 1895, serving in the First and Eighth Precincts. Three years prior to his death, Stedman was assigned to corner watch duty at the intersection of Euclid and Ontario Streets.  From noon to midnight, he guided hundreds of people to safety through the most congested traffic point in the City of Cleveland.

At the end of the business day on January 25, 1905, Stedman was killed when he was crushed between two street-cars. Bystanders rushed to Stedman’s assistance, carrying him into May’s Drugstore. A few minutes later a Hogan and Company ambulance transported Stedman to Charity Hospital, but he died on the way.

Plain Dealer, 1/26/1905

Patrolman Stedman, was born in Canada and came to Cleveland as a young boy. Stedman was married for six years and lived with his wife on Fair Court. The couple had no children. A year prior to his death, Stedman’s wife was crippled for life when she was struck by a streetcar.

Commenting on the accident, Cleveland Police Captain Schmunk stated, “Those men are placed at corners to guard the lives of the people. They are so busy, they have no time to look out for themselves.”

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