Heroes Roll Call: Patrolman Roy Nightwine, #1039

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to tell the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch.

Patrolman Roy Nightwine, #1039, EOW 5/11/1924

Roy Nightwine joined the Cleveland Police Department on March 1, 1920 and was assigned to the Motorcycle Unit.  On May 22, 1924, Nightwine spotted a speeder on E. 140th street.  During the ensuing chase, Nightwine crashed into the bumper of an automobile traveling in the opposite direction.  Thrown thirty five feet in the air, the officer landed on the pavement unconscious.

Police Lieutenant N. J. Meeker lived directly opposite the crash site.  He rushed to Nightwine’s aid and also gave an eyewitness account of the accident, saying that the automobile driver “became confused and brought his car directly in front of Nightwine.” The driver of the second vehicle was held for investigation.

Rushed to Glenville Hospital with a fracture skull, broken ribs and two broken legs, Nightwine died seven hours later with his wife Elsie by his side.  Roy Nightwine was survived by his wife and three children, Robert 7, Alice Virginia 5 and a child born four months after his father’s death. He was laid to rest in Harvard Grove Cemetery.

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