Heroes Roll Call: Sergeant Henry W. Froelich, #94

The Cleveland Police Museum is honored to share the stories of our Fallen Officers on the anniversaries of their End of Watch.

Henry W. Froelich joined the Cleveland Police Department on March 23, 1904, serving primarily in the 3rd District. 

On September 25, 1916, Sergeant Henry Froelich, along with Patrolmen Frank and Edward Skala, left the Third Precinct station on a crusade against “gun-toters.” While on patrol, the officers questioned four men loitering in a doorway on Orange Avenue.  Because of recent police orders regarding carrying concealed weapons, the police began to frisk the four men, just in case they had revolvers. One suspect slipped away. As he was running down a dark alley, he turned and shot Froelich point blank. One of the other men started to run and Frank and Skala chased after him. Meanwhile, Froelich picked up his revolver and shot off a round. Amidst the confusion, the other two men ran down Orange Avenue. Then a free-for-all of shots followed. The wounded Froelich fired again at the escaping man. The two officers returned to the wounded Sergeant and sent him to St. Alexis Hospital.

Sergeant Henry W. Froelich, #94, EOW 9/25/1916

After identifying one of the suspects, Froelich died from his wounds. Sergeant Froelich left a widow Helen, five children living at home and one married daughter. Funeral Services were held from his residence at 3037 East 78th.

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