Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Soooo this horse walks into a bar………..Here we have Cleveland Police Officer Margaret Doran #1202 and her partner Murphy’s Law visiting with revelers at The Public House, 17219 Lorain Avenue. They were offered a beer, but Officer Moran was On Duty and Murph, just being 14 years old, was underage so they graciously had to say no thanks.

St. Patrick’s Day 2003

the Cleveland Police Museum,
the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit, and
the Cleveland Police Honor Guard.

Sergeant Donald Strother on Chino, John Dedich #452 on Frosty, Mary Barron #1369 on Cincy, Jesus Reveron #2004 on Diablo, James Benedict #1242 on Sonny, James O’Connor #2223 on Big Time, James Moser #839 on Maverick.
St. Patrick’s Day Parade 1987
Sergeant William Manocchio, Jerry A. Lasch #1886, John F. Whalen #384, James J. O’Connor #2223, James Moser #839, Mary C. Barron #1369, James J. Benedict #1242
St. Patrick‘s Day Parade 1986
Mounted Unit Officer Mary Catherine Barron #1369 with her husband Motorcycle Officer Donald Dura 1224.
St. Patrick’s Day Parade 1999

Sergeant Donald Strother, Officer John Dedich #452, Officer Margaret Doran #1202.
St. Patricks Day Parade 2004

Margaret Doran #1202 on Rebel, James O’Connor #2223 on Brutus, Abraham Cortyes #1600 on Commander and Michael Sikora #2272 On Cody.
St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2001

Cleveland Police Honor Guard in front of Central Police Station, 2001 Payne Avenue.
St. Patrick’s Day 1962

Cleveland Police Honor Guard – Officer In Charge Lieutenant Walter Dugan next to Drum Line
St. Patrick’s Day Parade 1962

Written by Cleveland Police Historical Society and Museum volunteer Commander Robert Cermak, Ret.

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