SWAT Celebrating 40 Years of Service to the Community

On September 29th, former and current members of the Cleveland Police Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT) gathered at the American Legion Hall in Parma to celebrate their 40 years of service to the residents of Cleveland. Joined by family, friends and supporters, including the first Crisis Negotiating Team, they came from as far away as California, Florida and Georgia to break bread and share memories.

SWAT Yesterday and Today Together

Some of the founding members of the original SWAT Unit: Robert O’Brien, Charles Davis, Robert Duman, Jay Murtaug, David Childs, Carl Reddish, Kenneth Albright and Edward Futchko.
The original members of the Crisis Negotiation Team: William Reiber, Helen Parries, Margaret Alick, William Leonard, John Rozack

The SWAT Team back in the day
William Bolton, Kenneth Albright, James Gnew, Jay Murtaugh, David Childs
James Hutchson, James Churko, Carl Reddish, Stan Murray, Robert Duman, Ricky Ferrara
Lieutenant John James, Sergeant Robert O’Brien, Robert Granning, Sergeant Thomas Horan
Edward Futchko, Charles Dais, Jack O’Neal, William Lock, Sergeant Arthur Schwlegien

The attendees were greeted with the 1973 AMC Ambassador “Impact Task Force” car from the Cleveland Police Museum’s Vintage Vehicle Fleet.

Memories were Shared

Those who traveled the furthest –

James Cahapelle (GA), Russell Parker FL), Robert O’Brien (CA) and Kenneth Albright (GA)

Doresena Drakeford of WKYC TV 3 interviewed Daniel Galmarini and others for her story “Cleveland SWAT reunited 40 years later.” Watch the story here: ttps://www.wkyc.com/video/features/celebrating-40-years-of-cleveland-swat/95-19c59637-6123-4c60-a983-ec64b1d982eb

A good time was had by all

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