Vintage Fleet: OSHP #790 – 2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Ohio State Highway Patrol car #790 is a 2011 four door Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. This car was the last of the white, full size, rear wheel drive cars used by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The OSHP used white cars for just a few years, from 2003 until they began to be replaced by the silver 2012 Dodge Charger patrol cars starting in 2012.

2011 Crown Victoria, Car #790, photo courtesy of Alan Leiby

The cars were equipped with a Federal SmartSiren for it’s lights and siren controls, a MARCS mobile radio and repeater, and a CB radio and a scanner, if desired. They also had a high band radio to be able to talk on the Inner-City and LEERN bands as well as local agencies channels for those not on MARCS. Crown Vic Police Interceptor was introduced in the 1991 model year and continued till production was discontinued in the 2011 model year.

While in service, the original number for this car was #635.  It was changed to #790 to honor past Superintendent Richard “Butch” Collins, who also served as a past president of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retiree’s Association.

Colonel Collins became the 15th superintendent of the OSHP on April 20, 2007. During his tenure as superintendent, Colonel Collins worked to expand metro traffic programs while also increasing emphasis on criminal patrol activities. Under his command, the number of traffic fatalities in Ohio reached historic lows, including substantial reductions in urban areas. Collins retired on September 18, 2009 after 31 years of service.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol donated car #790 to the Cleveland Police Historical Society in 2023. The donation was made through the generosity of the Superintendent’s office, Colonel Chuck Jones, Lt. Colonels Swindell and Linek and with the assistance of Major Shawn Davis. Generous financial contributions from several retired OSHP officers as well as the Retired OSHP Association have funded the restoration of Car #790 to it’s original condition.

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2011 Crown Victoria, Car #790, photo courtesy of Mazie Adams
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