We Remember: Cleveland Police Officers Who Made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country.

George Matowitz with the WWII display

During World War I and World War 11, members of the Cleveland Police took leaves of absence to serve in the armed forces. These members were commemorated in different ways, including a display on the first floor of Central Police Station, 2001 Payne Avenue, recognizing the members of the Cleveland Division of Police who took a leave of absence from their job as Police Officers to serve in the US Military during World War II, circa 1942. Officers who were reported missing or wounded had blue and red stars in front of their names. Those Officers who had been killed had a white star in front of their name.

Unfortunately, five Cleveland officers did not return from the war front.

Killed In Action During World War I

Patrolman George E. Nadsady # 714

George Edward Nadsady was born on June 6, 1891 in Cleveland, Ohio.  He was appointed a Cleveland Police Patrolman on February 1, 1917 and assigned Badge Number 714.  Officer Nadsady was initially assigned to the 3rd Precinct and then transferred to the 11th Precinct.  Having prior service as a Fireman in the US Navy, he requested a Leave of Absence and enlisted in the US Army during World War I.  While serving in France at “the front” with the 331st Infantry Regiment, Corporal Nadsady was killed in a motor vehicle accident on November 8, 1918.

Killed In Action During World War II

Marcus Segan, #312, entered the Department August 16, 1943. Less than a month later he joined the Army. On October 7, 1944, while fighting in Holland, he was killed in action. He was the first Cleveland police officer to die in World War II.
Appointed: 08/16/1943

Five weeks later on November 15, 1944, former Patrolman John T. Blaskovic # 1092 died in France as a result of critical wounds he suffered several days earlier.
Appointed: 03/01/1944

On January 28, 1945, Thomas J. Mackin # 228 died in France as the result of a fractured skull sustained in an accident.
Appointed: 01/03/1944

On April 27, 1945, Harold C. Carroll # 1016 was killed when the destroyer he served aboard was badly damaged by a Kamikaze Airplane off the island of Okinawa.
Appointed: 03/21/1938

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