Visiting the Cleveland Police Museum

Admission is always FREE!!

Welcome to the Cleveland Police Museum! We are located inside the Justice Center, located at 1300 Ontario Street, Cleveland, OH, 44113. The Museum is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am – 2 pm. Tours are also available by appointment. If the Cleveland Municipal School District is closed due to inclement weather the Museum will be closed.

Visiting: Because we are in the Justice Center, all visitors must go through security screenings. Below is a guide to help make your visit easier.

Parking: Parking is available in metered spots on nearby city streets or several surface lots within one or two blocks from our entrance. Visitors can be dropped off near the Ontario Avenue entrance to the Justice Center, but cars cannot stand or park along that section of Ontario Avenue.

Fees: There are no fees to enter the Justice Center or the Cleveland Police Museum.

Note: The Museum is closed in January and February.

Getting to the museum:

Click or tap images below for larger views.

  1. Here is the main entrance to the Justice Center on Ontario Street.
  1. Once you enter this doorway, you will find a security screening station.
  1. Here you will remove belts, cell phones, keys, watches, coins, boots with metal on them, jewelry, cigarette packs, lighters, and anything with foil on it. You place those items in the blue tray. Put the blue tray on the conveyor belt. You can keep your shoes on. You will walk through a metal detector. Wheelchairs and walkers will be scanned with a wand.
  1. After walking through the metal detector, you pick up the blue tray from the bottom of the ramp. Move to the counter to collect your items from the tray. Keep your items out for the next screening.
  1. This is the second security screening station.
  1. Place your items a plastic tray then on the conveyor belt to be screened. You will enter a metal detector. Stand sideways, with your feet in the yellow footprints, and raise your arms. After exiting the metal detector, you can collect your items from the plastic tray.
  1. Walk through the glass doors.
  1. Walk down this long hall. The museum is at the end of the hall.
  1. Walk past this security desk. Tell the guard you are going to the Cleveland Police Museum.
  1. Walk through these double doors.

You made it! Welcome!