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National Police Week

15 May 2023

Police officers and the community they served have honored fallen officers since the earliest days of official police departments in the United States but it wasn’t until 1962 that a…

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Torso Murders: Identifying the Victims

03 November 2022

The Cleveland Police efforts to identify each of the thirteen victims of the Torso Murderer of Kingsbury Run were extensive. At the crime scene, police collected evidence and photographed the…

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19th Century Policing: The Night Toilers

13 October 2022

In 1884, the Cleveland Daily Herald ran a feature on the “Night Toilers,” the Cleveland Police officers who patrolled the city’s streets during the evening hours. Below is a transcript…

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Criminal Identification: Plaster Masks

05 October 2022

The Bureau of Criminal Identification of the Cleveland Police Department, under Supervisor David L. Cowles, used many tools and techniques to help identify victims and track down criminals. Detective Lloyd…

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Traffic Unit: The Corner Men, Part 8

22 August 2022

In 1921 the Cleveland Plain Dealer introduced to their readers the Cleveland Police Officers assigned the difficult task of directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the city each day.  They…

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The History of the Cleveland Police Badge

18 July 2022

by Lieutenant James J. O’Malley, Jr., Retired The badge is probably the most identifiable feature of the American Police Officer’s uniform.  Today in the United States, police officers wear a…

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The Cleveland Police Marching Unit

16 May 2022

The Cleveland Police Force was required to hold drills during the early 1800s. The weekly or monthly drills would include military foot drill, marching drill, or musket drill. As far…

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Fifth District: 1938 to 2020

25 April 2022

In 1938, Safety Director Eliot Ness implemented an extensive reorganization of the Cleveland Police Department. The 11th Precinct building, located at 1963 East 105th Street, was designated as the Headquarters…

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Fourth District: 1938 – today

11 April 2022

In 1938, Safety Director Eliot Ness reorganized the police force, transforming what had been eighteen precincts into five districts, which were further divided into 32 zones. The newly formed 4th…

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Police Beat: Cleveland Police on the Radio

28 March 2022

Always in the forefront of new ideas and technology, the Cleveland Division of Police created another “first” when they partnered with WJW radio and the Euclid Avenue Business Association to…

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