Ohio State Highway Patrol Cars in the Vintage Fleet

1970 Plymouth Fury I #309

The unit originally was a Wyoming State Police vehicle, our crew restored this 1970 Plymouth Fury 1 with a 440 Super Commando engine and numbered it 309, in honor of the president of the retirees association’s first vehicle when he came on the job in 1970.

In 1970, the Ohio State Highway Patrol was in transition from all black vehicles to all white vehicles with the Fury being one of the last of the black vehicles and also one of the first batch of four door models to be used by OSHP (typically they used two doors for patrol up until this point).

1975 Gran Fury Ohio State Highway Patrol Car #364

1975 Plymouth Gran Fury

This 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury was originally a North Carolina Highway Patrol put into service in 1975-1978. The vehicle has a 440 “Super Commando” police rated engine. This car was purchased as a project vehicle in 2014 and was restored to depict an Ohio State Highway Patrol car that was marked up to celebrate the Bicentennial of America. The vehicle number 364 was originally used by Colonel Robert M. Chiaramonte ( OSHP Superintendent 1965-1975, EOW 12-7-2014) on a similar vehicle when he retired in 1975. This vehicle is to honor Colonel Chiaramonte’s memory for some of the most significant leadership of the patrol in modern times.

1975 Plymouth Gran Fury, courtesy of Alan Leiby

1988 Chevrolet Caprice, Car 683

1988 Chevrolet Caprice, Ohio State Highway Patrol

The 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Car #683 features a 350 engine. This car is designated #683 in honor of Colonel Thomas Rice, who served as the superintendent of Ohio Highway Patrol for many years. This was the last year of the older style, solid red lenses on the light bar. The 1988 Chevy Caprice was replaced with the 1988 Plymouth Fury.

1988 Plymouth Fury Car #1092

This Ohio State Highway Patrol 1988 Plymouth Fury, Car #1092, includes all of it’s original equipment. The car featured an M Body (downsized and more square) and a 318 engine. This is the first year the Ohio Highway Patrol went to red and blue lenses on the light bars. The ACE plate was given to patrol officers who have five on-the-spot auto theft apprehensions.

1988 Plymouth Fury, Car #1092, photo courtesy of Alan Leiby
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