Mounted Unit: New Stables for Troop A in 1932

Black and white image of approximately a line forty men in police uniforms sitting on horses. There are eight men standing in a line in front of th ehorses. The words Inspection 1932 Cleveland Mounted Police is written on the photo.  The men and horses are standing in front of a grey stone building with arched windows.

Troop A of the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit in front of Cleveland City Hall

Troop A of the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit celebrated their move to new stables at 1327 Superior Avenue, which extended through to Rockwell Avenue, with a parade from the old stables at East 22nd and Woodland Avenue. They stopped at City Hall for this group photograph.

Banner for Cleveland Police Mounted Unit Troop A

Plain Dealer, August 3, 1932

The steady drizzle of rain increased the shininess of the well gromed horses, and the riders looked pleased and happy as they passed. They looked a great deal more pleased and happy than did Mayor Miller, standing on the steps, shoulders hunched, rain running down his green slicker.

The parade was led by the band of American Legion Post No.2. The horses, well aware that they were the center of interest, pranced delicately in time to the music.

After all the horses had passed before Miller, they were ridden to the east side of City Hall, where they were lined up and had their pictures taken, with city officials and promenent horsemen standing in front of them.

Detective James Matowitz, in charge of Troop A, brother of Police Chief George Matowitz, put the troop through its paces, then led it back to the new stables at 1330 Rockwell Avenue N.E. to act as hosts at the open-house reception that followed the parade.

Among the visitors who inspected the new quarters of Troop A were Fire Chief James E. Granger; Lawrence H. Norton and his brother Robert C. Norton; former members of Troop A, O.N.G.; Police Chief Matowitz; A.C. Pennock, general manager and secretary of the Forest City Livestock & Fair Co.; Safety Director Frank J. Merrick; Mayor Miller and Col Woods King in command of the 107th Cavalry Regiment, O.N.G.

The new quarters were leased to replace the old stables at E. 22d Street and Woodland Avenue S.E. which had become dilapitated and to small for use of the police.”

(Published in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 8, 1932)

Cleveland mounted officer Detective James Matowitz

Red, blue, yellow and beige image of a street map with a circle around the lot at 1300 Rockwell.

1927-1937 Map of Cleveland showing the lot where the Mounted Unit Troop A stables were located at 1327 Superior

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